Welcome to First Touch     #TeamFirstTouch

First Touch Agency is a Nordics based full service Football Management and Consultancy Agency

We have been licensed and registered football player agents or intermediaries since 2003 and have more than 20 years experience offering Transfers consultancy, scouting and recruitment services to clubs in Nordics.

We have also been involved in non-playing football staff (coaches, scouts etc) recruitment as our network is extensive throughout The Nordic region.

We are honest and professional in our way of working with our clients, with a better understanding of the person behind the client we believe we can offer them better advice.

We believe in mentoring our clients every step of the way from being a young talent to seasoned professional and even after the career is finished we will be there.

You will not see us on many photos together with our clients on social media etc, we believe the spotlight should be on them and not us.

We offer a Full Service Management Advice, our expertise is football but we have agreements in place for our clients in: financial, tax and legal, commercial, social media, mental and physical services to name some.

We love The Beautiful Game and are strong on our values, high work ethic and high ethical standards.