Welcome to First Touch     #RaiseTheBar

We offer a tailor-made consultancy service to Football Professionals based on more than 20 years experience.

We have been registered player agents or intermediaries since 2003.

We also have more than 20 years experience offering scouting and recruitment services to Clubs , therefore knowing the views of both parties involved in Contract Negotiations and Transfers.

We have also been involved in contract negotiations and consultancy to Coaches and Managers from time to time.

We believe every client is special and requires a specific tailor-made advice as no 2 clients are the same or have the same background.

Our advise is based on the football knowledge and experience we have , the personal knowledge of our clients and our business and life experience.

Other external partners we liaise with on behalf of our clients are for example : Financial/Tax & Legal experts , Insurance companies , Mental coaches/Mentors , Commercial Sponsors , Lifestyle experts etc.

We love The Beautiful Game and are strong on our values and high ethical standards.