The First Touch Way is about putting the client first and we are never in doubt who we represent or where our loyalty lies.

We put the client in the center and build around him a team of experts & partners allowing him to 100 % focus on his job as professional football player.

Our expertise and experience lies in the advice about your football career , contract negotiations , sports marketing and our global international network.

We have other experts & partners to assist with :  financial, tax & legal , media , sponsorships , mental coaching , lifestyle  etc


  • Professional & Honest
  • Transparent.  Everything we know , you also know.
  • Truthful.  We speak the truth and will not promise what we can not keep.
  • There for you always , not only in the good periods but especially during the more frustrating periods.
  • In the background most of the time, its about our clients first and foremost.
  • Always maintaining highest ethical standards
  • Hard workers
  • 100 % loyal